Friday, April 16, 2010


Have you ever had that feeling in your gut right before something BIG happens. Maybe it's a first date or a 10th date with the same person. Maybe you were leaving for a trip you've had planned for a long time. Maybe you found out you were pregnant and you had months of anticipation before the big day arrived.

There is a deeply embedded sense that something good is coming and it's time to get prepared. I kinda think that anticipation and preparation often go hand in hand.

About what are the things you are feeling a sense of anticipation today?

What are you doing to get prepared?

I wonder what would happen if you and I lived with a sense of anticipation daily about one day seeing Jesus again? Would we find ourselves living any differently? How would we prepare?

Today I am feeling a sense of anticipation about the next two days. As I prepare I choose to entrust my life to God's authorship and find myself grateful for whatever comes.

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